In order to be eligible to become a Freemason, you must be a man, age 18 or older, believe in a Supreme Being, and be of good character. In addition, Boston University Lodge has an additional requirement that you must have been, or must currently be, affiliated with the University as a student, staff, faculty, or alumnus. We welcome men of every country, religion, race, age, income, education, and opinion.


Freemasonry requires that a man seek admission based on his “own free will and accord.” The first step in becoming a Mason is to show your interest. Once you inquire, we will arrange a time convenient for you to meet with a few of our Officers to discuss your interest, answer any questions you may have, discuss the joining process and have an opportunity to get to know each other. Once your application is submitted and approved you will begin your Degrees and start your Masonic journey.

Please keep in mind that the entire process may take between two and six months… The Lodge Secretary will keep you informed of your status throughout the process, and you are encouraged to participate in events so that you can start to build a bond with the men you will call Brothers.


Every man who has become a Mason since the Fraternity’s existence has received the “Entered Apprentice Degree,” “Fellowcraft Degree and,” the “Master Mason Degree.” “Each of “the Three Degrees.” is an experience with symbols designed to impart lessons and wisdom with the aim of making good men better. They are nearly identical in form, language and substance as when George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and countless others experienced them. It will generally take you at least one semester to complete your Degrees. The Lodge schedule, and your own availability, may require additional time; however, we will work with you every step of the way.


If you’re interested in joining please click the button below to contact our lodge secretary with any questions or to set up an opportunity to meet with members of the lodge. We look forward to the possibility of meeting you.