About BU Lodge
Boston University Lodge is a Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. The Freemasons, Boston University Lodge included, are men of great character that aim to better themselves and their society through the Brotherly Love of a fraternal organization, providing Relief to those less fortunate, and a never ending search for Truth. This last tenet is especially important to Boston University Lodge, as we are one of only three academic Masonic Lodges in Massachusetts – The Harvard Lodge and Richard C. Maclaurin (MIT) Lodge are the other two, and we are proud to be in such great company,

Unlike most Lodges, which are open to any man who has a belief in a higher power (be it God, Allah, etc.), the academic lodges require an affiliation with the University in order to be a member. The minimum affiliation period is six months – so if a man works or studies at the University for at least six months, he may become a member of the Lodge.

There have been many Staff, Faculty, Students, and Alumni that have joined the Lodge over the years. One such prominent terrier was President Daniel L. Marsh. President Marsh was a very active Freemason and provided much guidance to his fellow Terriers, men, and Masons alike.

If you are a Freemason that has an association with Boston University and you wish to affiliate, or if you are not yet a Mason and wish to become one, please contact us.